Page 5 - Al Tijarah - September 2021
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Arada sales jump 85% to AED 1.15 billion

                                             in the first half

         Arada has reported an 85% increase                                                                     50
         in sales to the tune of AED1.15 billion
         during the first six months of 2021
         as compared to the same period last
         year. In total, the developer sold
         1,173 homes in the company’s two
         megaprojects, Aljada and Masaar, with
         investors’ interest growing in the two                                                                 SHARJAH ACTIVITIES
         innovative projects in Sharjah.

         Arada benefited from the strong
         performance of the Sharjah real estate
         sector, where the value of property
         sold in the first half of the year rose
         by 41%, according to data recently
         released by Sharjah Real Estate
         Registration Department.                                             buyers following successful deliveries
                                                                              and the launch of successive buildings,
         HE Sheikh Sultan bin  Ahmed Al                                       with 7,000 homes sold in the project
         Qasimi, Chairman of Arada, said: "Our                                to date."
         high sales results and positive data
         for real estate transactions issued by                               The value of sales at Aljada, Sharjah’s
         the competent authorities in Sharjah                                 largest ever mixed-use community,
         indicate that the emirate has become                                 rose by 23% to AED502 million during
         an important investment destination                                  the first half, with a total of 823 homes
         for real estate investors from around                                purchased. The first homes at the
         the world."                                                          24 million square foot megaproject
                                                                              were handed over in January, and
         Arada Chairman added: “We are                                        several contracts have been awarded
         confident that this trend will continue                              to increase construction activity at
         in the near and medium term in                                       several locations onsite.
         Sharjah, we have seen an exceptional
         sales performance during the third                                   As  for  Masaar,  the  new  villas
         quarter of last year, a clear indication   concluded: "We are pleased with   community spread over a 19 million
         of the strength and stability of the   the  wide  echoes  that  our  third   square feet area in the Suyouh district
         sector in the emirate regardless of any   community, Masaar, has had with a   of Sharjah, its sales reached a total
         surrounding conditions, and we are   wide  range  of  investors,  thanks  to   value of AED510 million, with a total
         currently on track to achieve our goal   the green master plan of the project,   of 256 homes purchased. Masaar has
         of raising our sales by 30% this year   as well as its innovative designs and   seen particularly strong interest from
         compared to 2020."                 competitive prices." In a related   a wide range of nationalities, including
                                            context, he announced that “interest   buyers from the rest of the Gulf, other
         Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi   in the Aljada project continues from   Arab nations, South Asia and Europe.
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