Page 6 - Al Tijarah - September 2021
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UAE Federation of Chambers delegation concludes

            visit to Libya to enhance economic cooperation

       50  An  economic delegation from  the UAE

         Federation of the Chambers of Commerce
         and Industry (FCCI), headed by Abdullah
         Sultan Al Owais, Vice Chairman of  the
         Board of Directors of the  Federation,
         Chairman of  the Sharjah Chamber of
         Commerce & Industry (SCCI), concluded
         a visit to the Libyan Union of Chambers
         of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture to
         develop economic cooperation  between
         the UAE and Libya, and to build bridges
         of investment cooperation, which benefit
         the two countries.

         The   delegation  included  Humaid
         Mohammed   bin  Salem,  Secretary-
         General of the UAE Federation of
         Chambers of  Commerce and  Industry,
         and heads and directors of a number
         of major UAE companies.  The  visit
         witnessed the signing of a Memorandum
         of Understanding (MoU) between the
         Federation of Chambers  of  Commerce
         and Industry of the UAE and the General
         Federation of Chambers  of  Commerce
         and Industry in Libya. The MoU aims at
         supporting  and  encouraging  business
         initiatives  and activities  and industrial
         association between companies  and
         private institutions, in  addition  to   exchange views on how to benefit from   Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, said:
         strengthening bilateral cooperation in all   the  potential,  experiences,  and facilities   "Our  meeting with the UAE economic
         economic, commercial and industrial fields   available to each side to improve the level   delegation was very friendly, showing
         in particular. It also provides for enabling   of joint action to expand the partnership   readiness for the joint work in the interests
         the chambers of commerce of the two   between private business sector activities.   of  the two  countries  and  to  enhance
         countries to communicate and coordinate   This is possible, asserted Al Owais, in   commercial and investment cooperation”.
         with each other  to  create promising   light of the multiplicity and diversity of   He said that this development of the joint
         business partnerships and  opportunities   investment opportunities that can  be   relations is  a positive  step  forward  on
         suitable for the business sector.  translated into viable economic projects   which the Libyan financial, business, real
                                           that contribute to common interests and   estate development, commercial, banking
         Al Owais pointed out  that the UAE is   help to double the volume of trade in the   and transport sectors are anxious that this
         determined to develop relationships   future.                        will be a beginning for restoration of trade
         with Libya, especially  in the  economic                             relations between the  two countries,
         and investment areas, affirming that the   For his  part, Mohammed  Al-Raeed,   in  light of  the important economic,
         visit and the agreement clearly reflect   Chairman of the Board of Directors   investment, and developmental weight of
         a genuine desire from  both sides to   of  the Libyan  Union  of  Chambers of   the UAE in the region."
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