Page 8 - Al Tijarah - September 2021
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package provides the benefits of  value-
         added services, which include registration
         and licensing fees, service fees and value-
         added tax, in addition to benefiting from
       50  the features of the innovation lobby of the
         Park, receiving special invitations for high-
         level events, business support services,
         and all  other features  that  the  Park
         provides to investors.

         Hussain Al Mahmoudi, CEO of SRTI Park,
         expressed his happiness at launching this
         initiative, which is a clear translation of
         our  commitment to encouraging and
         supporting women to engage in innovative
         and technical  investment  by supporting   view to keep  pace  with everything that   women in establishing  their businesses
         the research and development  system   is new, better and appropriate for  her   in the Sharjah Innovation  Park and to
         and transforming it into investment   to achieve her ambition in the field of   provide all possible facilities as women
         activities  that benefit them  greatly, and   entrepreneurship. This, he said, confirms   are considered a vital driving force for the
         changing the traditional investment   the  Park’s commitment  to support   national economy.

          "Bee’ah" promotes circular economy in the region

         Khaled Al Huraimel, Bee’ah Group CEO,
         said:  "Bee'ah  is an ambitious  Emirati
         company, with no  limits to its dreams
         and plans, and its activities are consistent
         with our  government's vision of  the
         future, it’s not stopped  by challenges
         but to turn  it into opportunities, and
         its main  objective is to  enhance the
         quality of life  for communities,  build a
         better and  more sustainable future by
         focusing on technology and sustainability,
         providing  advanced  environmental
         services, harnessing the latest technology
         in recycling, restoring materials and
         promoting the region's circular economy".
                                           work of "Bee'ah" as it started to perform   advanced vehicles and heavy equipment,
         He  confirmed that  the  company's   its mission and operations smoothly in the   including waste  collection units,  street
         operations began in Al  Madinah  Al   city.                          cleaning and waste disposal trucks. It also
         Monawara by the end of 2020 after being                              employs  the region's latest innovative
         selected by the Medina Area Secretariat as   Bee'ah provides solid waste collection and   digital technologies and solutions to track
         a strategic partner for waste management   transport services, as well as disinfection   and control  waste  instantly, simplifying
         by serving millions of residents and visitors   and sterilization of waste containers and   processes and increasing efficiency.
         of Medina, after the  company won the   relies on a team of thousands of workers
         contract of waste management services in   who serve Al Madinah Al  Monawara,   In  addition  to  integrated  waste
         Medina, and this partnership facilitated the   using a modern and integrated fleet of   management  services,  and based on
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