Page 12 - Al Tijarah - December 2021
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communities,  by exchanging digital
         transformation  opportunities as well as
         encouraging  scientific research  in the
         field of technology, as well as exchange
       50  experiences,  technical  knowledge  and
         best practices in digital governance and
         training  opportunities for  members of
         both sides, as well as promote available
         investment  opportunities  to encourage
         bilateral investments.

                The opening of the latest branches of "Lulu

              Hypermarket" in The Samnan area of Sharjah

         H.E. Abdulla Sultan Al Owais, Chairman,
         Sharjah Chamber  of  Commerce  &
         Industry, inaugurated the  latest Lulu
         Hypermarket branch in Al Samnan area
         of  Sharjah in the presence of  Yusuff
         Ali Musaliam, Chairman & Managing
         Director of Lulu Group, H.E. Mohammed
         Ahmed  Amin Al Awadhi,  Director
         General of Sharjah Chamber, Abdul Aziz
         Shataf, Assistant General Manager  of
         Communication and Business,  and Jamal
         Saeed  Buzanjal, Director of Corporate   emirate's strong economy, pointing out   H.E. Yousef Ali Musaliam said that the
         Communications.                   that the continuation of Lulu Group   new Lulu Group store in Sharjah is
                                           and other institutions by opening   112,000 square feet and offers a global
         H.E. Abdullah Sultan Al Owais     branches in Sharjah is an achievement   shopping range with many great brands
         congratulated Lulu Group on the   added to Sharjah’s list of achievements   and product lines under one roof, pointing
         opening of the new branch, noting that   and  emphasizes  the  extent  of  serious   out that Lulu Group is a leader in retail in
         this reflects the recovery to Sharjah’s   work in moving forward in the process   the region and is working to permanently
         retail sector and at the same time   of economic development witnessed by   expand in the  UAE according  to plans
         confirms investors' confidence in the   the emirate.                 designed to meet the wishes of shoppers.

                Sharjah-São Paulo Business Forum reviews

                   prospects for cooperation and economic


         The Sharjah Chamber of  Commerce   Sao Paulo to highlight joint investment   both sides.
         and  Industry  organized  the Sharjah-   opportunities,  review the  prospects for
         São  Paulo Business Forum, which was   bilateral cooperation and partnerships in   The  forum highlighted  opportunities  to
         held on  the occasion of the visit of  a   various economic sectors, and allow more   build future investment partnerships
         high-level  delegation from  the Republic   than 100 businessmen in both countries   between the two sides, increase the volume
         of  Brazil headed by HE João  Doria,   to meet and discuss opportunities for   of trade, especially in the food sector, and
         Governor of Brazil's southeast  state of   cooperation and investment  available to   witnessed the signing of a memorandum
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