Page 15 - Al Tijarah - December 2021
P. 15

The Chamber participates in the Economic

               Committee between the UAE and Azerbaijan

         The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and                                                                    50
         Industry,  represented by H.E. Abdullah
         Sultan Al Owais, Chairman of the Board
         of Directors, participated in the eighth
         session  of the Economic Committee for
         Economic,  Commercial and  Technical
         Cooperation between the  UAE and
         Azerbaijan, headed  by His Excellency
         Abdullah bin Touq Al Marri, Minister of
         Economy, and Michael Jabarov, Minister                                                                 CHAMBER ACTIVITIES
         of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

         His Excellency Dr. Thani Al Zeyoudi,
         Minister of  State for  Foreign  Trade,   during  which he reviewed Sharjah's   cooperation and increasing the  number
         participated  in the  session,  which  was   contributions in supporting and developing   of vital sectors, such as trade, investment,
         attended by more than 120 government   economic relations between the two   entrepreneurship, tourism and  logistics,
         officials, businessmen,  representatives   countries  and  the services and  facilities   with a particular focus on stimulating
         of  the private sector  and  investment   provided by the Chamber for Azerbaijani   investment in the new economic sectors
         companies from the two countries, both   businesses operating in Sharjah.  between  the  two countries' markets,
         in presence and virtually.                                           primarily advanced industry, information
                                            The Committee witnessed the launch of   and  communication  technology,
         The   chamber's  participation  came  a new economic partnership  program   innovation, digital transformation, modern
         through  a working  paper presented by   between the two  countries  aimed at   agricultural  technology,  food  security,
         the Chairman of the Board of Directors,   strengthening frameworks for economic   transport and renewable energy.

               UAE-Indonesia Business Forum confirms the

            status of the private sector in the two countries

         The UAE Federation of Chambers of   businessmen and investors in both
         Commerce and Industry, in collaboration   countries.
         with the Indonesian Chamber of
         Commerce   and   Industry  (Kadin),  Abdullah Mohammed Al Mazrouei,
         organized the UAE-Indonesia Business   Chairman of the UAE Federation, said
         Forum,  with  the  participation  of  H.E.   holding the forum at Expo 2020 Dubai
         Abdullah  Sultan Al  Owais,  Chairman  of   underscores the position of the private
         the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and   sector in the UAE and Indonesia and its
         Industry, H.E. Mohammed Rashid Dimas,   ability to meet regional and international
         Board Member of the Chamber and H.E.   challenges and strengthen its relationships
         Mohammed Ahmed Amin Al Awadhi,     in the areas of agricultural expertise
         Director General of the Chamber, in the   exchange,  information  technology,
         presence of His Excellency Joko Widodo,   innovation and energy, especially as
         President of the Republic of Indonesia,   Indonesia is seen as one of the most
         and  a  group of  leading  companies,   important areas rich in natural resources
         economic institutions, decision makers,   that contribute to the establishment of
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