Page 18 - Al Tijarah - December 2021
P. 18

"The applications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are a key pillar of the country's
           economic success over the next 50 years, and “Industry 4.0” project will improve the
             competitiveness and productivity of the industrial sector and strengthen the UAE's
                              position as a global destination for future industries."
       50   UAE provides innovation-driven

       COVER STORY  business environment and

                            knowledge economy

             The UAE has achieved first place in the Arab world and third among the top 27 emerging
           economies in the world. In the Report of the Readiness for the Future, issued by the American
            Portulans Center, in partnership with Google, which provides data to support the efforts of
          countries and governments in measuring readiness for the future, the UAE ranked third globally
          in the "spread of the use of modern technologies", fourth globally in "attracting talent", and sixth
                                                 in "talent growth".
         In the past few years, the UAE's regional and
         global leadership in the fields of sciences,
         advanced technology and innovation
         has  emerged, particularly in July 2020,
         in conjunction with the Emirates Mars
         Exploration Project "Hope Probe". During
         the Corona pandemic, the government
         successfully employed Artificial Intelligence
         technologies in national vaccination
         programs and clinical trials, and the country
         is home  to  renewable  energy  solutions
         such as Masdar city and Green Hydrogen
         projects at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al
         Maktoum Solar Complex in Dubai, the first
         project of its kind in the Middle East and
         North Africa to produce green hydrogen
         using solar energy.

         Cooperation between the public, private
         and academic sectors is vital in achieving
         the  UAE's goal of building a business
         environment able to empower and
         develop its current vital industrial sectors,
         on the one hand, and attract and embrace
         new sectors based on innovation,
         knowledge economy and future industries
         on the other hand.

         As part of The Fifty Projects, an initiative
         designed  to launch a new and exciting
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