Page 19 - Al Tijarah - December 2021
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phase of growth in the UAE, the Ministry
         of Industry and Advanced Technology has
         launched the fourth  industrial revolution
         program entitled “Industry 4.0”, which is an
         integrated program designed to encourage                                                               50
         local manufacturers to adopt advanced
         technology applications and help accelerate
         the UAE's transition  to a knowledge
         economy based on creativity and innovation.

         The  UAE's economic development                                                                        COVER STORY
         authorities support  the identification
         of  nearly 200  companies, assess the
         requirements  of  their  application
         transformation and join efforts among   "Project 300  Billion" represents a   and  vertical agriculture.  In  medicine,
         companies  that  are  members  of the   comprehensive  plan aimed  at achieving   smart devices will be able to track chronic
         “industry 4.0” entrepreneurs network,   economic and social leaps for our country,   diseases  using  data analytics and  the
         and  will be a  key entry  point  for  the   and these ambitious projects are based on   Internet of Things.  3D printing will lead
         successful deployment and  adoption  of   constructive cooperation between those   to the production of new manufactured
         applications in the local industrial sectors   involved in the industrial sector from   metals, as well as the careful production
         of each emirate.                   government and private entities.  of customized components.

         The "Industry 4.0" program, recently   There  are still  areas  that  need  to be   The UAE's industrial sector will be able to
         launched by the Ministry of Industry and   addressed  to improve the  adoption of   increase production and efficiency, improve
         Advanced Technology, reserves a place   advanced technology, which Industry 4.0   its quality and create new industries,
         among the world's industry leaders,   will be keen  to solve,  and its  initiatives   thereby creating professional pathways
         indicating that the UAE government's   include  expanding  education  on  Fourth   to local employment. It will also provide
         "Fifty Projects" initiative, which the   Industrial  Revolution  technologies and   opportunities for innovators and start-
         Emirates Government launched recently, is   their operational benefits in our industrial   ups, small and medium-sized enterprises
         preparing for a new and exciting phase of   sector, providing  financing  options for   and encourage research and development
         growth in the UAE amid considerable and   SMEs and startups and in this  field the   partnerships between academic institutions
         unlimited support from the wise leadership.  program  will cooperate with private   and the private sector. This will create a
                                            sector representatives  in the UAE to   more attractive business environment
         The applications of the Fourth Industrial   implement the program.   for foreign direct investment (FDI) and
         Revolution are a key pillar of the country's                         help attract investors,  industrialists and
         economic success over the next 50 years,   Applications  of the  Fourth Industrial   innovators from around the world, so that
         and “Industry 4.0” project will improve   Revolution  include:  deep  learning,  they can develop, test and launch their
         the  competitiveness  and productivity  of   machine learning, artificial intelligence,   ideas in the UAE.
         the industrial sector  and  strengthen the   data analysis  and presentation,  robotics
         UAE's position as a global destination for   and the Internet of Things, and new areas,   Leading  innovations  in  biotechnology,
         future industries.                 such as:  3D printing, nanotechnology,   genetics  and  artificial  intelligence
                                            quantum  computing  and  biotechnology.   tracking  devices  will  provide  better
         This project improves  the adoption  of   These applications have the potential to   medical treatments  and  results, while
         advanced technology and expands the   have a tremendous impact on a number of   the applications of the Fourth Industrial
         scope of the fourth industrial revolution   industrial sectors in the UAE, for example,   Revolution will enhance our local crisis
         technologies and  their operational   in agricultural technology, artificial   response capacity such as Covid-19, taking
         benefits in the local industrial sector.  intelligence and  the Internet  of  Things   advantage of automated control systems
                                            can accelerate the country's food security   and the capabilities of remote work
         The vision of the "Fifty Projects" and   agenda  through  automated greenhouses   systems and efficiency in supply chains.
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