Page 3 - Al Tijarah - December 2021
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Editorial Message

                Ccompetition in global indicators and reports has become of great importance for developed countries, and in our region,
                the Middle East, there are models of countries that have not enjoyed global leadership, for several reasons. On the other
                hand, there are other countries in our region that became among the developed countries in recent years, and did not only
                maintain their positions, but have competed with major powers on global indicators. One of these countries is the United
                Arab Emirates, which has demonstrated in the past 50 years, i.e. since the dawn of its union, its leadership and its ability
                to hold its leading place on global indicators and reports issued by prestigious organizations and institutions, and all this
                ensures the UAE's global leadership.

                There is no doubt that the accumulated achievements of the UAE over these years have charted its leadership globally,
                putting it in a prominent place among the member states of the United Nations, and its voice has become heard, trusted
                and appreciated, therefore participating with the great powers in crucial decisions that will change many situations, with
                the aim of promoting human life and protecting homelands, spreading coexistence and peace among humanity, advancing
                growth and progress in several areas to serve mankind and finding solutions to many crises facing humanity nowadays.

                In this month's issue of Al Tijarah Magazine, we review the most prominent economic events in Sharjah, starting with
                the Sharjah chamber of commerce and industry reviewing the investment opportunities in the IT sector with technical
                power centers on the European continent, São Paulo, Azerbaijan and Indonesia, as well as addressing the chamber's
                participation in the Nur Sultan Investment and Tourism Forum in Expo 2020. We will read in this issue that more than
                120 economic establishments requested nomination for the Sharjah Excellence Award, also Expo Sharjah reviewing at
                the World Exhibition Industry Summit the UAE's experience in renewing the momentum of events, the conclusion of the
                exhibitions "International Education" and "National Employment" with remarkable success.

                This issue also contains items regarding the signing of the Sharjah Economic Development Department of the Aged Care
                Commitment Document, the celebration of the 18th anniversary of "Air Arabia", the Sharjah Research Park reviewing its
                incentives to a Colombian delegation. Also we will read that the Sharjah Hamriyah Free Zone Authority sponsoring of the
                6th International Conference on Procurement and Supply Chains as well as about the Sharjah Finance Forum discussing the
                enhancement of the efficiency of procedures in the local departments.

                Today, we see the UAE's great achievements during the pandemic, from the opening of the largest international exhibition
                known to mankind, Expo 2020. The UAE has also participated in the climate change meetings, supporting and assisting in
                this file, as well as the global leadership of the UAE passport, and reports praising the UAE's humanitarian role in providing
                assistance to countries affected by the pandemic, delivering vaccines and medical assistance to more than 135 countries,
                and other achievements of the UAE on a daily basis to give humanity happiness, stability and peace.

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