Page 4 - Al Tijarah - December 2021
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Sharjah Economic Department signs age

                                    commitment document

       50  Sharjah  Economic  Development
         Department has  signed the  "Age
         Commitment  Document", one of the
         initiatives  of the Strategic Plan of the
         “Sharjah .. an Age-Sensitive City”, of the
         High Committee  to follow Sharjah’s
         accession to the Global Network of Age-
         Sensitive  Cities,  in accordance with  the
         decision of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan
         bin Mohammed Al-Qasimi, Member of the
         Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah,
         on preparing the emirate  to join the

         Sultan Abdullah bin Hedah  Al-Suwaidi,
         Chairman  of   Sharjah  Economic  with the directives of His Highness Sheikh   Prince and Deputy Ruler of  Sharjah,
         Development  Department,  said:  "We   Dr.  Sultan  bin  Mohammed al-Qasimi,   Chairman of the Executive Council, as it
         are pleased  to sign this  document to   Member of the  Supreme  Council and   puts human beings first as the focus  of
         complement the joint cooperation based   Ruler of Sharjah, and is closely followed   attention, and emphasizes making Sharjah
         on the service of the aged group in Sharjah,   by His Highness Sheikh  Sultan bin   an ideal age-sensitive environment where
         which is an important achievement in line   Mohammed bin Sultan al-Qasimi, Crown   residents receive the best services."

                  Air Arabia celebrates its 18th anniversary

         Air Arabia, the Middle East and North
         Africa’s first and largest low-cost carrier
         (LCC) operator, is celebrating 18 years
         of successful operations that transformed
         the  air travel industry in the  Middle
         East  and North Africa (MENA) region
         by presenting the region's successful
         economic aviation model.

         To mark the  milestone,  Air Arabia has
         unveiled a new uniform, which reflects
         the carrier’s modernity and youthfulness,
         and will be worn  by Air Arabia’s staff
         across its network and all operating hubs,
         including  pilots, cabin  crew,  engineering   Executive Officer of Air Arabia, said: “As   so far, and at the same time, we are also
         and maintenance, as well as members   we celebrate 18 years since the first Air   proud of the responsibility to continue to
         of  airport, ground  operations and  sales   Arabia flight marked the beginning of low-  realize achievements. There is no doubt
         shops.                            cost air travel in the MENA region, we   that the aviation sector has faced a difficult
                                           remain proud of the  achievements that   period  as a  result of  the repercussions
         In this context, Adel Al Ali, Group Chief   the Air Arabia team has accomplished   of  the Corona  pandemic, and  while the
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