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sector today is  preparing for recovery,   In line with the  company's social   supports people and  organizations to
         we continue sticking at Air Arabia to   responsibility program and commitment to   become global contributors to sustainable
         our commitment  in providing valuable   environmental and sustainable  practices,   practices, to  help  recycle the old  outfit
         experiences and memorable memories to   Air Arabia has selected the ISO-accredited   in the best environmentally friendly and
         our customers."                    YFC platform, a leading platform  that   socially responsible way.  50

           “Sharjah Research” reviews incentives in front of

                                    a Colombian delegation                                                      SHARJAH ACTIVITIES

         The  Sharjah  Research,  Technology and   the  Sharjah  Research,  Technology and   encouraging  and  developing  the
         Innovation  Park received  a high-level   Innovation  Park, directors of  companies   innovation system, and supporting applied
         economic delegation from the Republic   and  investors working  in  the complex,   scientific and  technological research to
         of Colombia, which included a number of   as well as directors of its various   carry  out  investment activities, within
         ministers, 20 heads of major Colombian   departments.                an  area characterized  by  following  the
         technology companies and representatives                             best international standards in providing
         from various government and private   The delegation listened to an introductory   quality services that will help attract
         sectors, with the aim of reviewing the   explanation from Al Mahmoudi about   investments to work in a safe investment
         complex’s experience, existing projects   the complex and  the most important   atmosphere and integrated infrastructure,
         and joint cooperation opportunities. The   features, services and facilities it provides   which provides great opportunities  for
         visit is part of a tour aimed at exploring   to investors and its future plans through   industries and technological facilities  to
         Sharjah’s investment-supporting business   a presentation that addressed the most   succeed and continue.
         environment, as well as learning about the   important investments that the complex
         complex's experience and  initiatives to   incubated as a result of world-class services   The  delegation also visited  the  Middle
         develop technical solutions for a number   in an  ideal investment environment   East Test Center for Smart Manufacturing
         of vital sectors, investment opportunities,   that helps  companies and innovative   or what is called additive manufacturing,
         services provided to  investors and   investments  to grow  and prosper. Al   which includes the latest technologies
         startups, and ways to enhance economic   Mahmoud expressed readiness of  the   and applied  research  laboratories in
         cooperation and build collaboration and   Park to provide all facilities to Colombian   several fields, in addition to the business
         partnership.                       companies wishing to work and invest in   center of  the Maker Space, which was
                                            the knowledge sector, which is a focal   called “Sharjah Open Lab for Innovation
         The delegation was received by Hussain   point on which the vision and mission   SOILAB” as the first incubator for start-
         Al Mahmoudi, Executive Director of   of  the Park  are based by supporting,   ups and innovative businesses in Sharjah.
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